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COVID-19 Resources, Thought Leadership

For our restaurant and bar owners, reopening is a welcomed and exciting event, but business will look different than it did pre-COVID.

We’re staying on top of it all, and are committed to being a resource for you as your restaurant and/or bar begins to reopen.

So your eyes don’t cross, we’ve combed through the order and have condensed the information into digestible bullet points.  Please refer to the Ohio Department of Health’s website for the down and dirty details.

Here’s our summary of Governor DeWine’s Responsible RestartOhio plan specific to the reopening of restaurants and bars:

“Don’t Stand So…Don’t Stand So….Don’t Stand So Close to Me!”

  • You know the rule –employees and guests need to stand six feet apart, including when they are standing in line. Make it obvious— use signage, tape or other visual measurements
  • Use barriers between booths and tables if possible
  • Limit reservations to 10 people
  • Customers must be seated when eating or drinking
  • Congregate areas are now open! Bring on the bowling, dancing and billiards!
  • Tell your customers you don’t want it—stay home if they are sick! 
  • Flashback to Kindergarten—label your doors for entrance and exits
  • Display a COVID-19 floor plan—like a treasure map of the layout of your establishment (entrances and exits, seating and kitchen areas, flow of customers through the facility, locations of hand washing/sanitizer stations, etc.)

Cover that Mug

  • Encourage all visitors to use facial coverings—with some exceptions (see order)
  • Masks are a must for employees—unless they fall into the same exceptions above 
  • Train employees on proper use, disposal and maintenance of face coverings and gloves

Clean, Clean and Clean Again

  • Employees should wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds (or sing the alphabet song!) at least every two hours or as frequently as possible 
  • Cover coughs and sneezes into a sleeve or elbow, not into hands. And no shaking hands either!
  • Make hand sanitizer available for employees and customers
  • High-touch surfaces, tables, chairs, menus, etc. must be cleaned every two hours or more frequently. Provide disposable wipes for commonly used surfaces
  • Rid the clutter—remove tabletop items such as condiments, straws, table tents, etc. and use disposable menus if possible

Employee Empowerment

  • Tell your employees to stay home if symptomatic, and monitor their symptoms daily before returning to work
  • Encourage sick employees to stay home until they are free of fever for at least 72 hours AND symptoms have improved for at least 72 hours AND at least seven days have passed since symptom onset
  • Show grace—update your sick leave policies to be more flexible and don’t require healthcare provider’s documentation to validate absences
  • Encourage employees to do self-assessments daily for COVID-19 symptoms
  • Conduct employee interviews and onboarding activities virtually if possible
  • Limit employees allowed in the break room according to the amended order (currently 10 employees)

Lay Down the Law

  • The order requirements may be enforced by State and local law enforcement 
  • Violation of the requirements is a misdemeanor of the second degree, which can include a fine of up to $750, not more than 90 days in jail, or both

If You Get a Positive

  • Immediately isolate and seek medical care for anyone who develops symptoms while at work
  • Contact the local health district and shut down the area for deep sanitation if possible
  • Work with the local health department for contact tracing/notifications
  • If available, test all suspected infections or exposures

To help you move through the COVID-19 pandemic and make long term plans in our new normal, Gerber is hosting a free webinar specifically for business owners in the restaurant industry on July 1 from 9-10:30 a.m.

“Success Beyond The Great Pause” is an event you won’t want to miss! With the guidance and advice from five knowledgeable panelists—Randy Gerber of Gerber, LLC; J.R. Kern, principal of Capitol Equities; Vince Stasiulewicz, chief executive of Hylant; Jeff Tubaugh, partner at BDO; and Alicia Zambelli, partner at Isaac Wiles— you’ll walk away knowing how and why you should engage your community, mind your margins, and thrive despite “The Great Pause.”

Registration is open now and you can secure your spot on Eventbrite. Please reach out to us if you have any questions, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram!