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COVID-19 Resources, Thought Leadership

The pandemic has forced everyone to rethink the way they conduct meetings. Many businesses have innovated and held virtual meetings instead.

We’ve come up with some best practices for making those virtual meetings a success. 

Create an effective set-up.

Find somewhere free from distractions to set up your workspace. Have a strong Wifi signal and the files, technology, and writing materials you need at your fingertips.

Continue to embrace your core values.

This is more important now than ever! Your core values should be lived and breathed every day in your business, including during virtual meetings. For us that means: Be Present and Be Positive; Healthy Sense of Urgency; Bold Pursuit of Excellence; and Live and Breathe Entrepreneurship

Dress your best (at least from the waist up).

Continue to follow your business’s brand or expectation with regards to grooming, dress code and general professionalism. 

Clearly communicate.  

Virtual meetings are the next best thing to sitting across from someone in a conference room, but it’s still not exactly the same. Be extremely clear, make eye contact, and ask questions if there is something you don’t understand. 

Proactively communicate your output

The burden is on all of us to communicate our workflow, projects, tasks and activities with each other. If you need help or are stuck on something, drop your teammates a line or hop on a video chat. You may have to put forth a little extra effort since you won’t be seeing your coworkers regularly throughout the workday.

Minimize distractions.

Same rules apply as if you were in-person meeting – don’t start chowing down on breakfast or lunch in the middle of a virtual meeting. Silence your phones and give your meeting the time and attention it deserves. 

Show Grace

This is still a new approach for many, and it may not be ‘perfect’. Know that, offer up ideas, and trust that everyone is doing the best they can and striving to be an A player. 

Which best practices have you adopted for your business’s virtual meetings? Share with us on Facebook and Instagram!