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Thought Leadership

It is important, now more than ever, to constantly have conversations about diversity and inclusion.

Not just within your company or business, but with other businesses, to create a sense of dialogue and keeping one foot ahead of the game.

Gerber, LLC  hosted  two webinars that addressed this hot topic. “The Value of Inclusive Leadership: How Diversity, Equity & Inclusion can Help Your Bottom Line” provided valuable content that is paramount towards your company’s success both internally and externally.

Webinar Highlights

Kimberly Lee Minor, the CEO of Bumbershoot LLC., moderated our discussion of inclusive leadership where topics ranged from leadership skills and knowing your customer base, to social movements and how to maintain progress.

Kimberly was joined on the panel by an incredible set of established individuals who work in and with Central Ohio:

Each panelist brought with them a wealth of knowledge that has the potential to help shape your business or foundation with the tools necessary to be ahead in the diversity and inclusion spectrum.

If you want to listen to the full webinar, grab a notepad and click here . If you’re in a pinch, here are some key takeaways from the first of a two-part discussion.

Takeaway #1: Know the Definitions

The terms “diversity” “inclusion” and “equity” can feel like buzz words, or overused HR jumbo.

It’s important for these words to be at the foundation of what you do in your business ventures.

But before we can dive deeper, it’s even more important to know the definitions behind these words and to have definitions that make sense.

Diversity can be looked at as a fact. A number, a statistic. What numbers do you have compared to others? Compared to a year ago? Three months ago? 

Here comes inclusion. Inclusion is an act based off of your facts – aka diversity – and how you intentionally create the space for a wider platform of ideas and voices.

Lastly, equity is meant to give people equal opportunities to create and grow within your business. 

Takeaway #2: Listen to your consumers

The old cliche of “the customer is always right” has its pits and inaccuracies. But in an age where social media drives markets and everything is instantaneous, your image can be ever-changing.

Consumers, especially the young consumers, want to see changes to the established system made, not just words. Accountability through action is a great way to drive in a new customer base and perhaps intrigue the existing base.

The desire to make relationships with businesses that put diversity at the forefront is a strong want for the younger markets. Paying attention to that could create a dire sense of sustainability in a COVID-filled market where there is a whole lot of security.

Takeaway #3: Be about it

Another great way to ensure that diversity and inclusion remain at the forefront of your business is to expose yourself and your staff to diverse and inclusive situations or experiences.

Whether it’s creating a diversity and inclusion task force, taking trips to monuments or memorials like Mr. Kaufmann did with his staff at Cardinal Health, having social media posts that educate your following on issues of race and gender, it’s critical that in every action you take, you do it with purpose and intent to grow your business for everyone. 

What is your business doing to practice diversity, equity and inclusive leadership? Share with us on Facebook and Instagram! And if you want to learn more about the topic, listen to Part 2 of The Value of Inclusive Leadership or read our event recap!