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Talk of the town is that bigger and better benefits will produce happier, more productive employees, and a more successful business as a result. 

Sounds like a win, right? For many entrepreneurs it sounds more like smoke and mirrors with very little return on investment. But stop right there. We know that dollar signs are the first thing that comes to mind when a business owner hears the word “benefits,” but what if we told you offering more benefits doesn’t necessarily equal more dollars spent?

That’s right. There’s a plethora of non-traditional methods for you to offer your employees benefits without breaking your bank. We’re talking beyond the “typical” benefits such as health care, vision, dental, maternity leave, etc. These benefits sound great in theory, but are not always in the budget for emerging businesses. And that’s okay! Because not all benefits are monetary. Nor need to be. 

Try offering employees causal dress codes or flexible work hours. Transitioning from business professional to business casual can attract new talent and move the needle for growth. Giving your employees the opportunity to make an early-morning workout class or 4:00PM personal appointment without being locked down in a 9-5 work schedule can make a world of difference to your employees, and help you stand out from other employers. 

Perhaps offering offsite work makes more sense for your business. Try allowing your team members to venture from the confined office walls once a week to a coffee shop where it is more conducive to do their work. 

Have a workspace packed with millennials? Propose team happy hours come 4:30PM after a long hard week so your team can get to know each other better. All of these small things don’t go unnoticed. 

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