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Thought Leadership

In the age of handheld technology, we don’t need to convince you that technology can make your life easier. With an abundance of applications available at our finger tips, how can you decide which app works best (for your personal and business use) without clogging your phone with junk?

We’ve tried to make it a bit easier. Here are our four favorite apps for entrepreneurs:


It’s tagline says it all, “save your thoughts, wherever you are.

A simple note-taking device that connects to your Google Drive and syncs with your iOS. You can take and store photos, audio and notes all in one place – from grocery list, meeting recaps to general reminders.


  • Keep your personal and business all in one place. Saves notes, lists, photos and audio all in one place. Can even organize by color (sorting personal vs. work-related items) making it easier to find exactly what you are looking for.
  • Set up location based reminders so you never miss a beat. Need to remember to call Brenda back as soon as you get to the office?
  • Need your grocery list as soon as you walk into the store? No problem, Keep will remind you as you arrive to your destination.
  • Sitting down after a meeting can be a time-suck you cannot afford. Instead, talk into the app to transcribe your thoughts.
  • Share notes in real time with your team or your clients, similar to Google Docs. No need to resend a task-list after you remember another line item, you can update lists in real time so that all members have visibility and can equally collaborate.


Whether you travel for business or leisure, we give TripIt two thumbs up for keeping it simple. TripIt will store all your travel information and allow you to share it with family, colleagues or companions.


It is so easy to forget something when you’re constantly on the go! TripIt stores your flight confirmations.

  • The app transforms your flight confirmation to a detailed itinerary including maps, directions, weather, important dates & times, and will even update you about delays or schedule changes making travel transportation as seamless as possible.
  •  Accessible anytime, from any device.


As a business owner you need to ensure you are accurately tracking your time for business purposes – and don’t forget about travel! Mile IQ automatically logs all miles driven once you enter your vehicle.

Logging everywhere you drive makes record of how much time you actually spend in your car. With this record you can quickly come to the realization that many hours or miles you spend behind the wheel may be unnecessary, helping you structure your calendar more strategically.


  • The app makes a complete record of all your tax deductible and reimbursable mileage. You can even classify between business and personal to make things all the more convenient.
  • Have employees required to drive long distances? Encourage them to download the app so that you can have visibility in how many miles driven, time spent driving, and insight for reimbursements.
  • If you know you need to visit a client on the other side of town, tackle all other activities that need to get done in that general area to avoid the hassle of zig zagging back and forth throughout town. This will not only free up time in your schedule, but also save you money spent on gas.


Keeping your numbers within reach at all times. QuickBooks has many added features to eliminate stress and be more efficient with your bookkeeping. The multiuser ability even allows your accountant to access your books on their time!



  • Manage bills easier by tracking the status, record payments and even create recurring payments so you don’t have to remember to manually do them every time.
  • Instantly create checks from anywhere.
  • Like Mile IQ, QuickBooks enables you to track your miles driven from your smartphone and categorize your business and personal trips.
  • Track income and expenses – our personal favorite feature! You can take a photo of a receipt and it will automatically link it to the expense from your phone. No more worrying about which pocket you stored that old receipt.
  • Invoice professionals and pay your employees with the touch of a button.