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Marketing often gets overlooked during the developing stages of business growth amid all the chaos. There is a misconception that “marketing” is synonymous to social media. Leave that misconception at the door. Though social media is a marketing tool, it is not the main function! Marketing promotes your brand and generates business through creating and communicating brand value to desired audiences.

Stuck on where to begin? Though we are no marketing experts, we know a thing or two about growing your business.


Start by identifying your target market. Create a complete persona of an ideal client and pinpoint the fine details such as: How old are they? Where do they live? What are their hobbies? Household size? Income? 

If you don’t know exactly how to nail all these attributes down, think about your un-ideal clients and work backwards. Why are they unfavorable? What is it about their business that is not aligned with your goals? 

Segment your ideal and existing clients to better understand the audiences you are trying to reach through marketing efforts.


You can’t do it all. In order to utilize your skillset and strengths as the business owner you need to take these tasks off your plate! Consider hiring a marketing team (even if that means a team of one) or outsourcing the work to get the word out about your business. 

In most cases, we believe hiring an internal marketing person puts you at an advantage in the early stages. Working full time in the organization gives better insight into the voice, culture, and structure of the organization, making it easier for your marketing representative to craft the right messaging and tell the story of your brand. Having a person dedicated to your organization’s marketing efforts allows them to better focus on and dive deeper into projects! Surprise, surprise your brand’s voice and messaging all circle back to your core values and mission statement.

Need to refine and reevaluate your direction? Keep an eye out for our upcoming blog: MISSION, VISION, VALUES: WHAT’S THE POINT?

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