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Inverse Labor Day—Ready To Take the Day Off?

Thought Leadership

As we approach the unofficial end of summer (sniff sniff), we have one last summer holiday to look forward to—Labor Day.

Labor Day is always celebrated on the first Monday of September, and recognizes the creation of the labor movement and the accomplishments of American workers. 

The irony of Labor Day is we are supposed to take the day off to celebrate all the hard work we have put in. We’re not actually laboring on Labor Day. We’re supposed to do just the opposite.

But are entrepreneurs really able to break away from their businesses and take the day off? Much less a three-day weekend?

The answer is: you should.

Recognizing that this year may look different from previous years (trying to manage your business during a pandemic) it actually is important to break away from your business. 

Entrepreneurs are always putting time in their businesses. Even if you are sitting on a beach, at a bar with friends, or making dinner, your mind probably always creeps back to the details of the day. How did the client meeting go? Will our customers be receptive to our new product offerings? Where will future business be coming from? 

It might not be a question of “no laboring” on Labor Day but “where” you will be laboring from. Being your own boss and working from anywhere is one of the many advantages and freedoms of entrepreneurship

We advise you to adopt the habit we were once advised to implement: dedicate four to six days each month where you don’t think about work. At. All. Put it completely out of your mind for the entire day, yes, four to six times per month. Block the days off your calendar and take the time to enjoy a hobby, spend time with family, or reconnect with an old friend. Push those work thoughts out of your mind whenever they lurk in the peripheral. 

The clarity and focus gained by clearing your head will be well worth it. And you’ll be more productive when you return.

We genuinely hope you can inverse labor this year—take some time to relax and enjoy Labor Day. 

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