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Thought Leadership

No one gets it right all the time, right out of the gate. That’s a risk you sign up for as an entrepreneur.

But, if you have a core focus on what you want to accomplish (cough, cough, a written plan) and you have people around who are passionate about what they’re trying to do for the business, then a failure is one step closer to success.

As you fail, you realize that path doesn’t work and go on to the next route. As you grow, you get more wisdom and more information from those failures and you move on to make better decisions. Without a plan you’re really just gambling, with no proof or benchmark around the successes and failures.

Your confidence level around planning and innovation as an entrepreneur grows with your business as you continue to grow, try, fail, revise, and try again. It took time, but I now know that we will have trial and error with new service offerings and new habits, but I am confident that we will figure it out now. Going back to the plan is critical in times of invention to measure what worked, didn’t work, and then consistently revise and work on the plan from there.