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Thought Leadership

JL Holdsworth, Owner of The Spot Athletics, participated in The Emerging Entrepreneur Experience (EEE) as he was scaling his business from running one facility to two significantly larger training facilities. Through his participation in EEE JL stated he earned a “mini-MBA” that gave him the necessary skills to run The Spot Athletics as a business and not just a gym.

If your company was a breakfast food, what would it be?

I would say it would just be like, really good eggs and bacon. To me it’s the different between getting 0.99/dozen eggs or farm fresh eggs. For us everything is custom and so it’s like that farm fresh egg and that cherry smoked bacon. – There’s eggs and bacon, and then there’s really good eggs and bacon.

We do the basics, but we do the basics savagely well. So, eggs and bacon are about as basic as you can get for breakfast food, but we’ve all been to places that do that savagely well and you’re like, “this is the best eggs and bacon I’ve ever had.”

That’s the way I look at us if we were a breakfast food.

If you could describe your company in only one word, what word would you use?

Passion. We have a huge passion to help people. Our mission is to impact and inspire, and so for us everyone here has a passion for helping people.

What’s one thing you, personally, cannot go a day without? 

So besides the basics – sleep, oxygen – I would say physical activity. For me, I think movement is medicine. Obviously I’m fortunate that I work in a place where I’m moving around all day, regardless of what I’m doing, so it’s nice. We always talk about the benefits of this job, and it’s that we come to work in shorts and a tee-shirt and we’re in an environment where you’re always moving and active. I think physical activity is crucial and so for me I’m just not a person that wants to sit on the couch all day, I want to do something.

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