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Thought Leadership

Kasey Conyers, Owner of Orchard Lane Flowers, participated in The Emerging Entrepreneur Experience (EEE) during her fourth year of business. Through participating in EEE Kasey shares that she is walking away with a much greater business acumen that she did before starting the program. She now understands how to structure the business, what their growth plans look like, how other entrepreneurs did it, and gaining meaningful connections with fellow business owners in the forum along the way.

If your company was a flower, what would it be and why?

If we were a flower we would be the Protea, King. I looked up the meaning of the flower and it stands for change and transformation; It signifies daring and resourcefulness; It is symbolic of diversity and courage.

In the last four years that I’ve had the business, we’ve changed so much. – Especially in the way the business is structured now. We’re building off of what was already in place, but we’re going in a different, more diverse, direction. Even adjustments to our staff to make our team a more diverse group has made a difference. It’s good, and it all works together.

If you could describe your company in only one word, what word would you use?

If I could describe Orchard Lane Flowers in one word it would be “joy.”

Joy is in everything we do. Joy is in our mission – we deliver joy and happiness every single day through our flowers and our floral designs.

What’s one thing that always needs to be stocked in your fridge/pantry?

We’re always stocked with strawberries. I eat a lot of fruit and with strawberries, you can do so many things with them. – I can dip them in chocolate or make a smoothie out of them!