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Gift giving can be complicated no matter who you are shopping for, but buying for the entrepreneur in your life is especially daunting. 

The more successful business owners buy whatever they want, when they want it, and this can make meaningful gift giving harder and more intimidating. 

If you are looking for the perfect holiday gift for the hard-to-buy-for entrepreneur in your life, here are some ideas:

The Experience Gift

The perfect gift doesn’t always fit in a box. Many entrepreneurs value experiences with their friends and family, especially since the pandemic and quarantine requirements forced togetherness for many. 

You might have to play super sleuth, but give the entrepreneur an experience they would enjoy based on their hobbies and interests. If they’re adventurous, axe-throwing or a flight lesson may push them outside their comfort zone. For the thinker, an escape room or a music lesson may pique their interest. 

One thing’s for certain – it’s a treat for an entrepreneur to be a “guest.” We are usually the ones planning, organizing and always being “on.” A wonderful gift for an entrepreneur is to arrange for them to be a guest somewhere, such as dinner at a friend’s house featuring their favorite foods.

For the entrepreneur who isn’t used to taking time away from their business, you could provide some much-needed rest. An experience—such as a massage, a spa day, or an art class—gives the business owner the opportunity to take some time for themselves, and away from the stresses of work.

Whatever you send, be sure to include a handwritten note explaining why you felt it was the perfect gift for them.

The Personalized Gift

Some of the best gifts are ones that conjure up memories from childhood, or remind the entrepreneur of the fun times you’ve had together. A short video message that features photos of your friendship is inexpensive but rich in thoughtfulness.

Other unique gift ideas include a wine bottle with a customized label, or baked goods with personalized messaging. This beats the arbitrary fruit basket or coffee mug hands down! Take time to figure out the business owner’s hobbies and interests, then draw inspiration from there.

Thanks to apps like iMovie, Etsy and Shutterfly, the perfect personalized gift is easy, affordable, and just a click away. 

The Charitable Gift

Another way to the entrepreneur’s heart is by donating to their favorite charity. A donation shows you considered the reason behind your gift, and want to help others. 

The Family-Centric Gift

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have left the workforce entirely or are working primarily from home. With more time to spend around the house, a family-centric gift might make an ideal gift. 

For the competitive and strategic family, consider a board game. If they’re more active, games like Kan-Jam or Ladder Toss can provide fun for the entire family. For the foodies, a dinner subscription box is a way to get the family cooking together in the kitchen. 

Family-centric gifts that I’ve appreciated have been a bowling outing with our favorite foods preordered and our names displayed on our alley upon arrival; personalized bricks in The Ohio Stadium featuring my kids’ names; or any electronic device my kids enjoyed.

The Gift for the New Entrepreneur 

Finding the perfect gift for the emerging or early-stage entrepreneur can be tricky. Many of these business owners are just starting out, and might enjoy something new and shiny that they wouldn’t normally buy themselves. 

Here are a few ideas that will help them advance their career as they are getting started:

  • Entry fees to business speakers
  • Tuition for executive learning
  • Something that brings life to their office, like a plant or a diffuser
  • A leather-bound Moleskine notebook with a high-end luxury pen for jotting down new ideas
  • MasterClass Pass for access to lessons from top business experts
  • A printing credit for marketing materials
  • A Square card reader for accepting credit cards payments
  • Hotspot device for easy internet access
  • A short-term pass to a coworking space
  • Gerber’s Emerging Entrepreneur Virtual Program

The Thank-You Note

If you’re buckling under the pressure to find the perfect gift, sometimes the most powerful and memorable one is the simple handwritten note. Take a few moments to craft a personal, genuine message, thanking them for something specific, or sharing a personal memory. These are the gifts that are treasured and kept.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to finding the perfect gift for the entrepreneur in your life. We hope this list gave you a few ideas. 

What gift are you giving the entrepreneur in your life this year? Share with us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn!