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What the Hell Do I Do Now?

Virtual9:00am – 10:00am
It's been a tough year and a half - we get it! Entrepreneurs in the Restaurant & Hospitality industry have been hit hard and have made some drastic changes to stay afloat.

You know where you've been, but what the hell are you going to do moving forward? Our panel of professionals will discuss how innovation and new technologies has changed the diner/consumer experience, navigating the current labor force shortage, and what tax implications may be coming down the pipeline that you should be aware of.

Who will be on our panel?

Randy Gerber - Founder & Advisor, Gerber, LLC
Stephan Harman - Co-Founder, FUSIAN
James Kosht - CFO, Land-Grant
Mark Stansbury - Co-Owner, Stansbury & Weaver
Kaz Unalan - Director, Tax & Business Advisory Services, GBQ