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The Value of Inclusive Leadership

Virtual5:15pm – 6:30pm
Wondering how diversity and inclusion can help your bottom line? Or do you think that it is too expensive to invest in? The Gerber Team has created a 2-part series to help entrepreneurs find an intentional and integrated approach to diversity and inclusion and use it as a formidable competitive asset.

We have two panels of experienced leaders to help you find the path of success with your business.

Our first featured panel on February 17th, is a panel of successful, purpose-driven leaders of profitable corporations who will provide personal insights, obstacles, and benefits of building equitable and inclusive corporate cultures.

Our second panel on March 24th, includes successful business owners in Columbus who are at different stages of their cultural competency journey but are committed to and innately understand the value of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

March 24th Panel

Kimberly Lee Minor - CEO, Bumbershoot, LLC (Moderator)
Anne Boninsegna - Founder + CEO, The Kitchen
Randy Gerber - Founder + Principal, Gerber, LLC
Alan Kutasy - Founder + CEO, Agility Partners
Gayle Saunders - Founder + CEO, The Saunders PR Group