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Predicting Financial Success

Virtual1:00pm – 2:30pm
It's important for a business to have in place the best procedures to ensure the most success, even in the most unexpected situations. Having cash flow projections and open conversations with professionals in your network will help you predict what steps you need to take during the tough times.

Vince Stasiulewicz and Randy Gerber will be having a discussion on why it is important to create a cash flow forecast and how it can lead to success, even in the most difficult, unexpected times.

You'll walk away with knowledge on:
*Creating models based on best, moderate and worst case scenarios
*Making sure that cash flow projections are appropriately bench marking your financial statements as a percentage of sales
*Ensuring that the assumptions that are being put into the cash flow forecast are supportable and achievable
*Encourage transparency in discussion with creditors, landlords, etc
*Consider utilization of a third party expert to opine on the forecasts to provide credibility
*Accuracy and timeliness of date is key in developing a meaningful cash flow forecast
*Be flexible and change agile