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Growth with Purpose

Innovate New Albany11:30am – 1:00pm
Emerging entrepreneurs mistakenly think they need to grow fast and at all costs. What they don’t realize is “pedal to the metal” growth can be detrimental to the business, and instead they should strive to achieve the right rate of growth.

There is a rational, mathematical model around how much your business should grow based on what it needs. To calculate that model, you need to set realistic and intentional goals of how to live life. Get off the hamster wheel and make steady, deliberate progress with something called Growth With Purpose.

In this TIGER Talk, you will learn how to:
• link goals with growth
• create a plan that helps your business grow at a healthy, deliberate rate
• understand how every decision should support your business’s purpose
• immerse yourself in the appropriate entrepreneurial ecosystem
• assess the amount of risk that’s okay to take on at certain stages of your business