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Thought Leadership

In our effort to continually provide value and resources to our EEE forum members and entrepreneurs, Gerber hosted an informative webinar just for them. On August 13, 2021, Adam Weisman, Owner of Beacon Business Coaching, joined the EEE Team to share some helpful tips that will enable you to develop breakthrough performances.

If you missed the webinar, read the recap below! 

Drivers of Success

With 37 years of experience in growing companies and developing people, Adam knows a thing or two about succeeding in the business sector. 

Adam said that while success may be defined in different ways by different people, there are fundamental keys to success that apply to almost everyone. Those drivers of success are outlined in the Carnegie Triangle.

3 Top Success Drivers

  • Knowledge (what you know)
  • Skill (what you do with what you know)
  • Attitude (thoughts, feelings, behaviors)

While knowledge and skills are important, attitude is often overlooked. Adam shared that we spend the most time acquiring knowledge and skills, while attitude may be the most important.

We often focus on actions and results, so much of success starts with how you think. Success isn’t just created by saying things, but in the ways we think about them, consciously and subconsciously. The core of success is found when we peel these thoughts away.

The Business Cycle

Adam explained the three distinct phases in the business cycle and the traps that typically occur in them.

Phase #1: The Learning Phase

During this time, businesses are getting started, and can fall into traps. “The Honeymoon Phase” is a trap that happens when you are first starting out, and the “3 Feet From Gold” trap happens when entrepreneurs fall short of their goal and give up because they are discouraged. 

Phase #2: The Growth Phase

Success starts to happen, and a business is gaining sales, profit, and more. The Growth Phase is also not free of traps. “The Founders Trap” is when a business experiences some success through its founder, but the founder then becomes the constraint. “The Success Trap” happens when businesses start to lose their hunger, or start to think they’re invincible.

Phase #3: Decline or Reinvention Phase

Once a business navigates through “The Success Trap”, one of two things can happen. They Decline or they Reinvent. This is when businesses start to change things up, to continue growing.

Mindset and attitude are key to avoiding these traps.

Adam shared this bit of wisdom to help encourage you to be mindful of your attitude: “You Become What You Think About Most of the Time.”

What drivers of success have you experienced? Are you in the learning, growth, or decline/reinvention phase of your business? Share with us on Facebook and Instagram!