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Thought Leadership

Business sector upheavals in 2020 presented challenges for all entrepreneurs, and sparked developments that will reverberate for years to come. 

Randy Gerber, founder and advisor of Gerber LLC, presented his insights from this monumental year at the Innovate, Upgrade & Dominate event last month. 

Hosted by the Columbus Urban LeagueOhio Small Business Development CentersColumbus Empowerment OrganizationCentral Ohio African American Chamber of Commerce, and Gerber LLC, business owners benefited from the important lessons learned at Gerber LLC during 2020. 

Wondering what you need to know to grow your business and support your people? 

Digital Dominates All 

As an illustration of current economic trends, Zoom Communications is now worth more than 2x all of the major airlines combined. 2020 was also the first year that more transactions occurred on digital wallets than in cash, and these days it seems impossible to conduct business without an online presence. 

As the money being invested in AI technologies increases, it is essential for businesses to embrace the digital world in their daily life. 

Business Moves at the Speed of 5G 

Increased Internet speeds over the last 30 years have spurred incredible evolutions in the business world. 

Data is immersed in our daily lives, and especially in the healthcare sector. The advent of wearable technology has changed what and how we learn about our bodies. 

Constant Change is the New Normal 

The pandemic forced us to accept change, but change is here to stay. Employees are aligning themselves with companies they believe in, so this is an invitation to adjust your policies to align with your core values. 

How did Gerber react to these changes? 

To embrace the digital world, Gerber engaged Salesforce to automate routine service functions, offered clients options to meet in person or virtually, and upgraded technology so employees can work from anywhere. 

By investing in an internal production studio, changing from a captive technology environment to an open technology environment, and participating or hosting more webinars than ever before, Gerber continued to engage with its community partners at the speed of the Internet. 

And through upgrading talent, improving flextime policies to include WFH, and developing asynchronous learning products, Gerber has invested in supporting a prolonged environment of change. 

How can you upgrade your business to meet contemporary challenges? 

Here are Randy’s five steps to guide you towards innovation and domination for your business. 

  1. Stop and consider the possibilities. 
  2. Ask your customers what they want. 
  3. Ask your employees what they think.
  4. Develop a plan.
  5. Communicate your plan.

This time is filled with tremendous opportunities. If you’re interested in learning more tools for navigating this promising time, listen to the recording or contact Gerber with questions. 

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