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FGEs experience something that most people don’t: 


If you talk to virtually any successful FGE, they’ll tell you it’s a lonely place that most people don’t understand.

Why? Because FGEs face a very unique set of challenges and generally don’t have experience dealing with them. There just aren’t that many people out there who can relate to what you are going through. Your support system has likely never started a business before, and they don’t understand the intricacies, the pressures, and the specific problems FGEs face. Very few non-entrepreneurs understand the moving parts. 

Here’s how to combat the loneliness:

Find an Ecosystem

Don’t waste your time talking about your entrepreneurial problems with people who aren’t entrepreneurs. Very infrequently will you get a positive return on your investment.  Instead, get into an ecosystem—as soon as possible—with other like-minded first or even second-generation entrepreneurs. You can’t get there fast enough.

You may find support in formal networks, such as the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and Vistage, among others. These groups will give you access to tools for success and entrepreneurial development, networking with other business leaders, private mentoring, and workshops.

Gerber, LLC provides an ecosystem that understands everything you are going through. We know the lingo. We understand where you are today and we’ve become very good at anticipating the next few problems you should be worrying about. We also have a community of entrepreneurs who have been through it. 

Reward Yourself

After you’ve worked hard and achieved a level of success, don’t forget to reap some of the rewards. Focus on experiences and time. Take time to recharge with your family, whether it’s a fishing trip in a remote area, touring a big city, or just being at home doing what you enjoy without the distraction of work. In addition, you may decide to buy a bigger house, a second house, or a nicer car. Your non-entrepreneur friends won’t get it and might think you’re flexing, but other FGEs know you need a break, a reward, and a reminder of your success.

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