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COVID-19 Resources, Thought Leadership

It’s almost time for school supplies, backpacks and those feelings of excitement (and anxiety) about the upcoming school year. 

But school routines will look different this year. We don’t know exactly how they will be different, but we know they will be. The uncertainty our kids are about to experience is similar to the challenges entrepreneurs have faced (and continue to face) during this pandemic.

The following suggestions can help both students and entrepreneurs adjust to their new normal: 

Be ready for a new environment. Our students will be entering a new classroom and/or a new school with fluid COVID-19 modifications. Much like adapting to the always-changing business environment where old rules don’t apply, students also need to figure out how to navigate through the unknown: unfamiliar hallways, new locker combinations as well as COVID-19 safety routines. 

Make new friends. Students will have classes with peers they didn’t previously know and need to be open to making new friends. Similarly, entrepreneurs may meet other professionals they had never crossed paths with pre-pandemic, such as business advisors, attorneys, or customers for new products or services they are now offering.

Do your homework. Students will need to reinforce what they learned in school by completing assigned homework. Entrepreneurs who are forced to pivot or retool have to do their own homework through research, market studies, and financial projections in order to survive in this new environment. 

Use your planner. The school planner encourages students to record their assignments, exams, and make a plan to be prepared. Similarly, most entrepreneurs should revisit and revise their business plans so they will know how to move forward. 

Make time for fun. Students may have opportunities for (likely modified) activities outside the classroom, such as through sports, extracurricular activities and clubs. These activities nurture friendships and give kids a chance to blow off steam. Entrepreneurs also need to prioritize their time away from work by having fun with family and friends. 

We don’t know what will happen by the time school officially starts, or what changes we’ll undergo as the school year progresses. Both entrepreneurs and students will need to remain nimble and ready to adjust when necessary. 

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