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Designed with the entrepreneur in mind; Your time, accessibility, and sanity are top of mind.

Gerber, LLC is a holistic wealth management firm working with first-generation entrepreneurs founded by Randall Randy Gerber located at 121. E. Nationwide Blvd., Columbus, OH 43215.

Through our 12-month program we're developing each entrepreneur's internal processes, helping business owners understand the sequence of "what to do next" and "what to do later," and ultimately creating a proactive growth plan that tackles important business obstacles before they arise. 
You get first-class, customized advice and guidance from Gerber, LLC – a partner and advisor to first generation entrepreneurs – to amplify your business, vision and long-term success.
Here’s what it looks like:

Candid advice.

Your time is a valuable resource. We will use it wisely.


We've created a facilitated forum for business owners just like you, all in one room.


In working with over 100 first generation entrepreneurs, we're learned a thing or two. We're here to share our experience.

A clear path.

Providing clarity for today and guidance for tomorrow.



We're not all talk. We're delivering the actionable content you need to improve your profitability and growth in each and every meeting.